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Change isn't always easy. More often than not we could use some assistance when we are at a pivotal point in our lives. Deciding to look for help is an important step. The aim of this website is to help you with the next step. We will refer you to treatment for a wide and varied range of issues including substance addiction, behavioral addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, gambling and eating disorders. By contacting us at you can be assured of a highly professional and confidential service and treatment that is evidence-based and utilizes an alternative to the 12-step approach.


Medical & Psychiatric Assessment

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The doctors who work in The Drug Treatment Center Board come from a diversity of medical backgrounds which means our service users benefit from an eclectic knowledge base within the multidisciplinary team.
We comprise of psychiatrists and general practitioner trainees who are gaining valuable experience within the field of Addiction.
We provide a primary care service to our clients, assess the extent of their drug addiction, instigate the treatment of same and subsequently monitor and evaluate their progress.


About Drugs

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We refer here to all types of illegal drugs and to the abuse of prescription drugs including sleeping tablets, anti-depressants, benzos, pain killers. We also refer to the taking of over the counter tablets that have addictive properties including pain killers, cough bottles etc. Most drug addictions start with casual or social use of a drug. For some people, using the drug becomes a habit and use becomes more and more frequent. As time passes, you may need larger doses of the drug to get high. Soon you may need the drug just to feel good.


Contact Us

Dr. Muhammad Azam
Gold Medalist
M Phil Clinical Psychology
M.A. Special Education
B.H.M.S., D.H.M.S., R.H.M.S.,
Course Certificate in Nutrition
Cell # 0333-5124058



11th Annual Conference on Medical microbiology      and Infectious diseases

         Dr. Muhammad Azam will be taking part in the prestigious event of 11th  Annual Conference on Medical microbiology and Infectious diseases, Organized by Infectious society of Pakistan, Shifa Hospital Islamabad Pakistan & Shifa Tameer –e- Millat University Islamabad Pakistan, at Margalla Hotel Islamabad on  14-15 March , 2014  .

An essential lecture    

         An essential lecture being delivered by Dr. Muhammad Azam , on the topics related to :-
Psychological, Pathological assessment, Diagnosis, analysis, Awareness about Health, Special Education Scope , Activities / job.

             Duration:  17 to 25 March, 2014.
             Timing:      3 to 6 pm.
             Venue:      AIOU academic block. Islamabad.